Yahoo, Google Online Gambling Case Dismissed in California


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Last year Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft were forced to pay more than $30 million to the United States Justice Department for displaying online gambling ads. Although online gambling is not illegal in the United States, the DoJ insists that it is.

Well, today an online gambling case brought against Yahoo and Google in the state of California was dismissed. The case was broached by a couple of an individuals who did not have the self-control to keep themselves from losing more than $100,000 to an online casino site they found through a Google advertisement.

The two claimed that online gambling in California was illegal, but the judge ruled that an online website cannot be held responsible for third party content. He also dismissed the case on the basis that Google and Yahoo have stopped accepting gambling ads in the US market more than a year ago.

Judge Richard Kramer of the California Superior Court cited the Communications Decency Act in his ruling, which protects sites from being accountable for material provided by third parties.

As the days move forward and the Obama and Democratic congress gets closer to their start date on Jan. 20th of 2009, online gambling seems to be gaining momentum with court wins and ill-conceived legislation having eyes rolled at it. The next big court case for the industry is on December 12th when IMEGA gets to defend the industry in the Kentucky online gambling domain seizure case initiated by governor Steve Beshear.

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