Australia’s Crown Casino Gambling On Gordon Ramsay Restaurant

Gordon Ramsay is known best for his high octane explosions on his television show Kitchen Nightmares. While he often blasts his chefs, the outcome usually is a successfully run restaurant.

Gambling and dining have long been considered to go hand in hand and Ramsay is about to try his luck. Crown Casino in Melbourne, Australia will now be home to Ramsey’s world famous Maze restaurant.

Asian influences and French cuisine are what makes Maze one of London’s and the world’s most succesful restaurants. Crown is hoping that this move further exemplifies the class with which the company is striving for.

“Bringing Gordon Ramsay and Maze to Melbourne further cements our strategy of bringing some of the world’s best dining experiences to Crown and Melbourne,” said Chief Executive David Courtney.

The location for Ramsay’s maze restaurant will be Crown’s third hotel. Construction is not yet complete but they are anticipating opening in 2010. as for Ramsey, he too is excited about the project.

“This is our first step in bringing the Gordon Ramsay brand to Australia and after seeing the way Crown operates we feel that this is an exciting and challenging opportunity,” he said.

Ameristar Begins Casino Worker Layoffs In Missouri

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The economic crunch in the United States has not been kind to casinos and their operators. Many companies have stalled plans for expansion, while others have actually began to downsize their operations.

One of the companies that is downsizing is Ameristar Casinos Inc.. They have already began their efforts by laying off workers in their St. Charles and Kansas City casinos in Missouri.

On Friday, workers were notified at the two locations that they were being laid off. The company, like many others in their position, tried to avoid letting some of their workers go, but it was inevitable with a worsening economy.

Ameristar’s casino and hotel in Kansas City will lose almost five percent of their workers. In St. Charles, six percent of the staff will be let go. The laid off workers are not the only ones being effected.

Other workers have been told that they will have to move to part time. Those workers have until November 21st to decide if they will accept the part time positions. The lay offs in Missouri are part of a 4.5 staff reduction nationwide for Ameristar.

“It is unfortunate that these casino companies have been pushed to lay off workers, but they are just like any other industry. The economic crisis is having effects on all industries this time around,” said Lawrence Tyler, a gaming analyst from Missouri.

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