California’s Proposition 8 Contradictory To Casino Gambling Views

When it comes to leading the nation moving forward, California is one of the leaders in the United States. They are leading the way in the casino gambling movement, which makes their stance on same sex marriage all the more puzzling.


In the same election that the state of California overwhelmingly voted for Senator Barack Obama, they seemed to have confused the rest of the nation with their liberal stance. Voters chose to approve Proposition 8, which bans same sex marriage in the state.


The Attorney general of the state, Jerry Brown, is miffed by the voters decision on Proposition 8, and wants the state Supreme Court to overturn the measure.


Not only did proponents of Proposition 8 win in the general election, but they also are going after the marriages that have already been legalized in the state.


“The language, policy, history, and intent of Proposition 8 do not permit recognition of same-sex marriages but not others. None are valid or recognized jetzt spielen in California,” said Kenneth W. Starr in the legal brief filed Friday.


The argument is heating up in California’s court system, while the state continues to move forward with other liberal advances such as casino gambling.


The state has been proactive in expanding casino gambling in California. Governor Schwarzenegger has made many deals to bring new Indian casinos to the state. “For a state that prides itself on being liberal, their stance on same sex marriage is puzzling,” said historian Henry Truewater.

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