Atlantic City Hoping To Up Gambling Revenue Through Train Service

Atlantic City casinos were supposed to by now be basking in the glory that they once experienced. The renovations and expansion was supposed to be complete, and casinos would once again be the toast of the town.

That is not exactly how things have gone over the past six months. Instead of profits rising, they have dropped off dramatically. The renovations? Those went up in flames with the economy.

Now Atlantic City is hoping they can help out their struggling casinos by helping customers get to the casinos. The Atlantic City Express Service, a train service, will begin running from New York to Atlantic City casinos in early February.

Harrah’s Resort, Caesars Atlantic City, and the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa will be the destinations of the train service. The hope is that people who have been staying away because of the travel cost will now have an affordable option to make their way to Atlantic City.

The one way fare for this trip will be $50 for coach and $75 for first class. The first class ticket will include food and beverage services for their extra $25. Whether the idea will work right now remains a mystery.

“This is not something new for Atlantic City casinos. They Amtrak running trains out there for several years before they stopped the service. If the economy keeps up the way it has been, it will not matter whether those trips cost $50 or $5. people are hurting beyond simply traveling money,” said observer Timothy Henkry.

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